P I C O   H O L I D A Y   C H A L E T S

Holiday Homes on Pico

The view from the terrace does not let go. The sun sets between the two Azores islands. Golden clouds shine in the pink sky, the ocean shimmers purple. These colours, they are unearthly beautiful! Another picture and another one... You listen to the silence, the calls of the unknown birds and you are ready for new adventures. Here, in a corner of Europe in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Anna Philipp • Journalist and photographer
Regular guest in Pico Holiday Chalets

In Piedade you will find "some of the most beautiful accommodation in the entire Azores, including Pico Holiday Chalets“.

Travel Guide "Azores“ • Michael Müller Publisher • Third edition

Holiday Homes in Panoramic Location

on the East Coast in Piedade

  • Magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and the neighbouring islands of São Jorge and Terceira.

  • Spectacular hiking trails in the surrounding area. Ponta da Ilha nature reserve, coastal and lava walks, natural swimming pools.

  • Very good infrastructure, all shops for daily needs within walking distance, only 600 m to the centre of Piedade.

  • Queit and lots of privacy, detached holiday homes on a spacious 16.000 m² private property.

  • Open-minded hosts, who have lived on Pico for more than 20 years, like to give insider tips and speak German, English and Portuguese.
Directly to the Holiday Homes

Pico, Faial and São Jorge belong to the central group of the Azores.
The "triangular islands" are close together and are well connected by ferries. You start the exciting island hopping tours from the ports in São Roque or Madalena. The crossings take 30-60 minutes.

Scenically, the island of Pico is one of the most charming of the archipelago. A picture book volcano that you can climb. A breathtakingly beautiful highland with emerald-green meadows, lakes and grassy craters, climbing up to 1,000 m. Spectacular panoramic hiking trails in the interior of the island and along the coast, UNESCO wine growing areas and much more.

Highlands in the East of Pico

A Whale Watching Dream

Pico is one of the best addresses for whale watching not only in the Azores, but worldwide. More than 25 species of whales have been sighted in local waters.

For the real whale freaks the best time to travel is April and May. Then the chances are quite good to meet many different species of the giants of the seas during a boat trip. But even in the warmest months of July and August you have almost a sperm whale guarantee. Many species of dolphins cavort off the coast. In summer are tours for snorkeling with dolphins offered – a highlight of every holiday in the Azores. The trips start in Madalena and in Lajes do Pico.

Whale Watching Trip

The Way to Us

The deceleration begins as soon as you leave the airport. At the first crossroads, turn left onto the island's main road ER1 and keep going east. It is 40 km to Piedade, which can be reached in about 50 minutes with a rental car. Guaranteed without having to stop in traffic jams or at red lights. So far there is not a single traffic light on Pico. Our village Piedade is located in the far east of the island, surrounded by nature reserves.


Pico Holiday Chalets

The Dittmers Family Welcomes You

It is a great feeling to be able to share our passion for this island with our guests. Showing the most beautiful hiking trails in the area, giving tips for excursions, giving away our favourite bathing or fishing spots. We are happy to help you book the whale watching tours with the experienced organizers, whom we have known personally for years. And of course it is always nice to have a barbecue in the garden with guests in the evening, to chat about life here in the Azores, to answer many curious questions.


Whatever the matter, our door is always open. When we came to Pico 20 years ago, we quickly got used to the fact that we hardly ever had to lock the house here. And we hope that it will always be that way on our island.

Our Holiday Homes